The attempted intimidation of commercial pilots can not be tolerated, in such events with those in authority remaining ineffective, its vital that those that have indulge in such practices are exposed, even if that necessitates the use of satirical depictions.

About Captain Nigel

Born in York Uk 1955. I have for as long as I can remember being stuck, perhaps some might say somewhat cursed with insatiable  wanderlust. No sooner would I have arrived at my intended far flung location, when curiosity of what lies beyond reeks havoc. Tantalisingly the very itch that I thought I had adequately scratched just got all the more itchy. As far as I’m aware there is no known cure, thank God! Bringing about some required balance into my life, I am married to Nita.


There’s nothing that ever gone wrong, that can’t be resolved once you’ve shown to have the good sense to sit down before wading in, in haste. This gives you time so as to have a cuppa tea. As a professional pilot, I am a great believer in the theory that it’s wise not too panic at 20,000 feet, time enough for all that once your feet are firmly back on the ground. Over the last thirty-something years as an avid tea drinker, this brew has served me well !

Current projects, wow not easy

I have been writing a book or two for the last god knows how many years, approaching my 60th, might be a about time to get them finished, just one more chapter! With so much going on in my life at this time, its simply beyond the scope of this page to elaborate, therefore I would recommend that you go to links under social media on the right hand side, I look forward  to seeing you there.


Photography enthusiast, however with so much going on in my personal life, for the time been, that has to be on hold, Unfortunately the three websites along with defending being wrongly accused, consume many hours of the day.


Like most the type you’d music I would listen to at any given time depends on the mood, however if there was to be a Valium of the music variety, operas by Puccini seem to possess that calming potion. If we’re to get more contemporary of that in keeping with my era, dare I confess to a liking towards Elton John, police, David Bowie, Simon and Garfunkel, Rolling Stones the Beatles, the Nylons, and of course of universal acclaim, Van Morrison. By now you’ve got the picture, However married to an Asian, hindi Along with Nepalese music has its place in my heart.

I’m a great believer that music, food, as well as distinct aromas, are one of, if not the best time and place markers of one’s life. For example Ten CC singing rubber bullets, takes me back to 1979 driving an British ex-army Bedford truck across the Iranian desert, no it wasn’t my tape cassette (remember those) yet one of my passengers, I promise! Contrastingly, the sound of the 80s Australian icons Men At Work, I would be instantly transported back to flat sharing days situated in my elevated abode in Bondi 1980/81, gazing out to sea, be it through the smoke of a barbecue or whatever else filled the air. Me a staunch non-smoker, so nothing stronger.

Current affairs

As a world traveller, keeping in touch as to what is going on remains important, however perhaps a sign of my age, always interested in the likes of BBC world, equally Al Jazeera. Having said that, of late I have to confess to feeling rather disenchanted with all the death and destruction taking place. Hard talk, Panorama, along with 60 minutes, are all little gems that from time to time stir the juices.

So really what brings us here one might ask.

Other than for my photography interests, I had no real leanings towards websites however events that took place in the Serengeti National between 2007 to the present time changed all that, time to view the next page, Time to let go of colourful pages such as this, as I easily put forward indisputable evidence.

It’s not all work and no play
this site is not just about “ the case” I’ve also included two pages of photographs, one appropriately from the Serengeti whereas another gives you an insight to Nepal, enjoying.

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A staunch non-smoker, however if ever pressured to state an addiction, it would have to be nothing more sinister than tea & travel, preferably combine the two together resulting in total bliss.


Well since you enquired, I would have to say the greatest susceptibility, would to be falsely accused of a criminal offence. As you see when subjected to such treachery would by necessity be dealt with accordingly. remaining a great believer that eventually the truth will come out therefore remedy would be found, yet rest assured that at all times acting proportionate to the scale of any underhanded activities.

Social media

Along with this site, you will also find www.cappadocia- that site is also running in unison with, the latter being a more in-depth account of the events from within the  Serengeti that first brought about my public awareness program.

 As you can see this site is once more under reconstruction, for that reason you can be assured that over the course of time I shall be  publishing further pages surrounding the topic of the balloon rides industry around the world. 

Many from within the balloon rides industry would acknowledge 2013 went down on record as the worst year ever.  I believe that due to the displayed apathy within the industry that the death toll of 2013 will be surpassed in the near future.


of particular concern is the Turkish flag area of Cappadocia  where they would not be a surprise to see a third midair collision between two balloons.

UK, Powerline incursion, passengers electrocution as good as imminent. Please prove me wrong,  we do not want to witness these Christmas presents turning into tragedy.

 As for the UK,   I would be very surprised to see an identical event  to the above taking place here, however with the ever-increasing incidence of powerline accidents in  this region, along with increased carrying capacity of each balloon, I feel  that it's fair comment to state that I do have serious concerns that UK balloon passengers may well be electrocuted.  whilst skills are generally higher than the Third World, the demonstrated apathy  towards passenger safety concerns   show ultimately play its part in such tragedies.


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