Welcome to the new look,  seriously condensed version of hot air balloon safety.com. Supporters, even critics should have no concerns surrounding  the lack of previous accounts within this issue, as  many shall reappear in the very near future. For now,  rest assured that after recent developments, there are several reasons for this new approach. Not least is paramount that the industry and public alike are aware of what's taking place within the commercial hot air balloon rides industry, for pilots to speak out on safety is not a career enhancement.

 High Court ruling:

Firstly let me bring to your attention that after a recent UK  High Court ruling, despite situated overseas, no longer am I denied access to legal aid. Three High Court judges ruled that all those subjected to British law are also equally protected by British law. This translates that no longer can a defendant such as myself be barred from accessing legal aid by use of any  habitual residency test.

 As a result of receiving news of this landmark ruling, I've wasted no time in taking appropriate action, therefore I am pleased to report that official proceedings have finally commenced in order to push this case forward on a  more equal footing than has been afforded up until this time.

 Focusing on recent activities

 Along with the above,  given recent activity pertaining to two Avon and Somerset police officers having   conveyed what I considered to be a logic unquestionably a most reasonable request for me to present myself to a British Embassy, this shall form one of the two focal points in this latest issue. Combined within that document are accounts of  my  intrepid dealings with the Ministry of Justice.

The second yet undeniably of  equal important point, brings to the forefront my dealings with the UK civil aviation authority,  particularly yet not solely the CAA's whistle blowing department. This is where I publish mutual communications that has taken place  between myself and the authority since 2011. At that time my initial contact was Mr Ian Chadwick, I was requesting statistical data.

  With Mr Chadwick appearing to be somewhat handicapped by the authorities  financial restraints, I felt it was unfortunate that he was unable to assist me in providing vital information, information held back  that can only have the effect of preventing the required improvement of passenger safety issues. 

Recently yet primarily as a result of  the increase in balloon accidents, at the same time  feeling distinctly dissatisfied with Mr Chadwick's original explanation, I've now felt it to be necessary, not least for the benefit of pilot & passenger safety, to take the matter to a higher level.  To the detriment of passenger and pilot safety, both myself & Mr Chadwick came across economical restrictions that  prevented access to crucial information that could only further benefit passenger safety.

 With the above in mind I feel that it would be tragic if not reckless to have such vital information lying idle, locked away gathering dust within the confines of the    UK CAA. With renewed effort on my part intent on  freeing up such vital information, I would appeal to the very authority to recognise that is there to ensure at the same time promote ever high levels of passenger safety. I can only hope that they may take it upon themselves to review my initial request to Mr Chadwick, thereafter provide the   most necessary information.  Left as it is, I feel that for the UK civil aviation authority to place economics before passenger safety seems to nullify their very reason for their existence.  


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Last but not least, you might prefer to make direct contact via this site. No matter which path you choose, rest assured that passenger safety or the agendas of pilot intimidation are not to be topics that can be ignored, I therefore encourage you to have your say.

 After receiving threats from Tony Pascoe that he would tarnish my reputation within the industry if I didn't go quietly, I've not worked since March 2009, therefore have not earned any income. This is the price that pilot's pay for speaking out on what became tragically proven safety concerns with two further deaths at SBS. Subsequently after being subjected to threats on my life, to a large extent I have to be most vigilant, therefore employ all necessary precautions. Amongst other malicious charges, Serengeti Balloon Safaris have demanded $500,000 from me, for apparently damaging their business.

Given that SBS's, (its directors) appalling safety record, that now totals no less than five deaths, derived from three fatal accidents, one might question as to how vulgar they can get.


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